About Us

Our Purpose

Calvary Baptist Christian Academy was founded in 1999 to provide a Christian alternative to the humanistic education offered in other private and public schools. All subjects are taught from a Biblical, conservative, fundamental, Baptist point of view. We emphasize wholesome Christian living, personal salvation through Jesus Christ, obedience to the Word and will of God, and using our talents and gifts for the glory of God. The purpose of the school is to direct the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development of each child. The primary directive of Calvary Baptist Christian Academy is to train young people to serve Jesus Christ.

Our Philosophy

Calvary Baptist Christian Academy is dedicated to the philosophy that Christian education is the only truly valid education. True education must be administered in a spiritual atmosphere and must recognize God as the supreme source of all knowledge and wisdom. The Word of God is our sole authority. God created this world, and we accept His right to govern all the affairs of mankind. All subjects taught will be consistent with the Truth. Our goal is to mold well-rounded persons who demonstrate academic excellence and who display the spiritual and social maturity to glorify God and bring honor to their country.

Our Mission

Calvary Baptist Christian Academy is committed to excellence in educating students in regular academic subjects from a Biblical perspective.

Our Doctrine

As a direct ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, the Calvary Baptist Christian Academy is aligned with and subject to the doctrinal statements of the Calvary Baptist Church of American Canyon, CA. See the section entitled What We Believe in the Articles of Faith and by-laws of the Calvary Baptist Church of American Canyon.