Academic Year 2021

Financial Policies

  1. School reserves the right to amend, rescind, or update existing financial policies or establish additional financial policies without prior notice to any party. Financial matters will be transacted via the school business office
  2. The party responsible (Parent) for the payment of tuition assumes liability for all tuition payment(s) at the time of registration
  3. Fees and charges related to enrollment and registration are not refundable or transferable. Various school programs such as field trips, special events or sports activities may incur separate charges
  4. Student is not enrolled in School when Enrollment and Tuition Agreement is not in force. Student is not enrolled in School when enrollment and registration fees are not paid-in-full
  5. There are no discounts for early payment
  6. The tuition amount charged is for the entire year. Proration of tuition is at the discretion of School Administration. If tuition is prorated, the tuition amount paid or refunded shall be calculated according to a 40-week academic year. If a student is enrolled for any portion of a week, that attendance will apply as a full week. Tuition shall not be prorated according to a calendar day or business day basis
  7. School may choose to use the services of a tuition management company. There may be additional fee(s) levied to Parent for the use of such service. The use of a tuition management partner does not preclude or dismiss the responsibility of Parent to make payment in a timely manner in accordance with School’s Enrollment and Tuition Agreement or School’s financial policies
  8. When School employs the services of a third-party tuition manager, full annual or semester tuition payments may be accepted in the school business office. The responsible party shall post all payments made for any payment plan to the tuition management company. School’s Administration may, at their discretion and on a case-by-case basis, permit ad-hoc tuition payments in the school business office, and/or may make special arrangements with the responsible party to post one or more tuition payments in the school business office, but this is not the regular method of making payment
  9. When payment is made in the school business office, acceptable payment methods are US currency, money order, bank check, or payment card. Personal checks are not acceptable payment
  10. Tuition accounts falling in arrears two or more times in any given academic year may result in School requiring at least one-half (½) annual tuition payment per re-enrolled student prior to the start of the ensuing academic year
  11. No student is permitted to enter into the academic year when an account has a balance due
  12. All tuition due dates and payment plans have a five-calendar-day grace period, after which the account may incur late fees or other service charges
  13. When an account is more than five (5) calendar days in arrears, Student may be administratively suspended from attending classes, receiving class or homework assignments, and/or participating in sporting activities until the account is paid current
  14. Returned checks may result in a $35.00 service charge. The amount of the returned check must be paid with acceptable methods noted in this policy, not a personal check. This policy also applies to checks submitted to the tuition management company. More than one returned check results in School no longer accepting checks for that account for the remainder of the academic year. Post-dated checks are not accepted
  15. All academic records, report cards, or other related documents may be withheld for any account with an outstanding balance, irrespective of graduation or any other reason for termination or dismissal of Student, until the account is fully paid
  16. When an account is in arrears long-term, is persistently delinquent or otherwise problematic, School reserves the right to take any administrative action or employ any legal remedy to collect any or all unpaid debts owed to School
  17. Any account in arrears as of May 20 of the academic year will prevent Student from taking final exams, receiving diplomas or yearbook, and/or proceeding with graduation ceremonies
  18. Any books issued or loaned to students shall be returned in useable condition. School may levy a $25.00 charge per unreturned or unusable book
  19. From time to time, School may establish an enrollment discount program. Tuition discount programs shall not be established. School reserves the right to remove or amend any or all portions of any discount program at any time